Charly Nijensohn










Dead Forest (2009) Amazonia
Photo, Video & Installation



Thirty years ago,
the Brazilian government
authorized the construction
of the Balbina Hydroelectric Dam,
in the heart of the Amazonia region,
with the aim to provide energy
to the city of Manaus.
As a result of this development,
the biggest artificial lake in Latin America was created,
flooding a substantial part of the Amazonian forest
and forcing the movement of the tribes
Waimiri and Atroari from their
ancestral territories.

Directed by Charly Nijensohn
In collaboration with Juan Pablo Ferlat,
Teresa Pereda & EduAbad.
Sound Post-Production: Edgardo Rudnitzky & Charly Nijensohn
With the participation of:
Vicente Cardoso, Raimundo Pantoja,
Ezequias de Castro, Mario Ferreire Paiva,
Herivelton Moraes Martins, Manoel Vanivaldo Pinto Moraes,
Ivo Alves dos Santos, Aurizan Cunha Oliveira,
Mario Cunha Oliverira

Supported by
Calilo & Nathalie Sielecki,
Valérie Corcias & Dominique Kelly,
Anabelle Sielecki
Amazonia, 2009

Marcio Harum
Ana & Vicente Cardoso
Ana Pato & EduAbad
Solange Farkas